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The First Time

When something unique happens or we do something new, someone usually says, There's always a first time for everything!" Its exciting when a new invention is tried out for the first time. " Firsts" are important milestones that emphasize humankind's progress -whether it is climbing Mount Everest, setting a sports record or finding a cure for a deadly disease.

Jesus was the first to heal a man born blind. This was because Jesus performed a new act from God that had never been done before. God is always original. He breaks in circumstances with surprises, miracles, new creations, and new words of direction. He works with His people in a new way and leads them to the final destination of the world according to His sovereign will in a way that people have never expected. We often don't recognize these acts, like His deeds in those days. Only when we look back can we identify that they were acts of Almighty God.

Always look for the new things that God is busy doing. He still has surprises in His treasure chamber that He wants to reveal. There are glorious possibilities ahead. He might lead scientists to a cure for cancer, reveal ways for communities to overcome poverty and starvation, or even lead nations to live together in peace. There is always a "First Time For Everything"

I hope this encourages someone who read this or read this to someone else.

Amazing Grace

366 Devotions

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